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Erich Gamma seminar, 20 November 2001

(Part of "Trusted Components" course)


 Time and place

Tuesday, 20 November 2001, 10:15-11:45
Room: ETH, IFW A32. (Room assignment confirmed.)  


Erich Gamma, OTI  


Eclipse - An Open Source Development Tools Platform and Java IDE



Eclipse is a domain-independent Java toolkit for writing tools and applications. The platform allows you to independently develop tools that integrate with other tools so seamlessly you won't know where one tool ends and another starts. The very notion of a tool as we know it disappears completely. However, Eclipse is not only a platform providing a rich set of APIs for extension, it includes a full blown Java development environment offering features like incremental building or refactoring support. This talk starts with a technical overview of the Eclipse architecture, its generic functionality and its key plug-in mechanism. Next it is demonstrated how the domain independent base platform was leveraged to build the Java development environment.

Why should you be interested? You've just spent years researching/developing a new tooling concept, programming language or domain-specific framework and now you need tooling. Eclipse allows you to easily create world class tools without having to start from scratch.  

 Speaker's bio

Dr. Erich Gamma is lab director of Object Technology International in Zürich. He is the lead of the Eclipse Java development environment project. Prior to working on Eclipse Erich he was one of the architects of the "IBM VisualAge Micro Edition" product (part of IBM's Java solution for embedded device programming). Erich is also known for his work on Design Patterns and JUnit.  

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