Automatic Program Verification


Automatic Program Verification
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Keynote Speakers

The Symposium will be co-located with the RIO 2009 summer school, on February 16-21.

Keynote speakers will include:


Josh Berdine. Microsoft Research Limited - United Kingdom.

Josh Berdine (Microsoft Research Limited - United Kingdom)


Automatic Verification of Heap Manipulation using Separation Logic

Short biography:

Josh Berdine's a researcher in the Programming Principles and Tools Group and has been a member of the East London Massive since its inception.

Josh Berdine's research focuses on SLAyer, a formal verification tool aimed at ensuring correct use of dynamically-allocated heap memory. Josh is also involved in the TERMINATOR project, where termination and other liveness properties are proved. Before joining MSR, he worked on Smallfoot, an automatic specification checking tool focused on the heap.