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Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, 20 - 21 October 2005

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Thank you!

The Summit took place in Zürich on 20-21 October 2005, with close to 100 participants, and was by all measures a resounding success.

These pages will remain open, in particular the Wiki which you are encouraged to continue using for discussions and announcement.

Photographs of the event are available here (page temporarily protected for anti-spam reasons: user ecss, password ecssummit).

Here is a report on the summit, to appear revised in Communications of the ACM.

New: the home page of EuroTICS, the European organization for the Technology of Information and Computer Sciences, created as a result of the Summit.

Thank you for making ECSS a success. We hope to see you and many new colleagues in Lyon in September of 2006.


The departments of computer science at EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich are taking the initiative of a first meeting of heads of departments in Europe.

Until now there hadn't been any effort, comparable to the Computing Research Association in the US with its annual "Snowbird" conference, to provide a forum where they could discuss these matters and coordinate their efforts. We feel it's time to start.

You can read more about the purpose and format of the summit here.

The first Summit took place at ETH Zurich on 20-21 October 2005, attended by heads CS departments throughout Europe (including Russia, Ukraine and representatives from Turkey, Israel, South Africa and the US).

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the SCOPES program from the Swiss National Science Foundation, allowing funding the participation of some representatives of Eastern European countries.

Please tell us of your interest by filling in the registration form.

For further questions please write an email to

Bertrand Meyer
Chair, Computer Science Department, ETH Zurich

Willy Zwaenepoel
Dean, Faculty of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPF Lausanne

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