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Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, 20 - 21 October 2005

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About the European Computer Science Summit

In all European countries, teaching and research in information technology are facing constant challenges, some shared with our colleagues in other regions, some more specific. The heads of CS departments are in a unique position to appreciate the issues and to look for solutions.

The purpose of the first European Computer Science Summit is:

This is not a traditional scientific conference; the emphasis will be on discussion. The conference will include a keynote by a founder of the Snowbird meeting.

The organization will rely on our departments' resources, enabling us not to charge any registration fee. Participants will be expected to cover their own travel expenses, although we may be able to secure some funding for participants from emerging countries.

Attendance at the conference is limited to heads of CS departments, as defined above, in the European region; deputy heads may be acceptable if their deputy position is permanent, but no other substitution will be permitted. In addition, we will invite a number of observers from industry (research labs and entrepreneurial companies), governments (national and EU) and university administration. Attendees are welcome to suggest observers.

To tell us of your interest please fill in the registration form.