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Research Project

Type of project:
Research Project, June 2010 - September 2010

Andrey Nikonov and Andrey Rusakov

Reproducible executions of SCOOP programs

Supervising Assistants:
Sebastian Nanz, Benjamin Morandi, Scott West


Testing is the most important technique to ensure the production of quality software in industry, but is not applied to concurrent programs in a satisfactory way. Since the nondeterministic execution of concurrent programs leads to very large state spaces and subtle variations in run-time behavior, testing in a concurrent setting has to be based on repeatable execution schedules, which should be generated in a systematic way to cover the program's state space. Without such a technique, program errors that are discovered are difficult to track down and to reproduce, making debugging a nightmare. This project explores testing of concurrent programs written in SCOOP based on the idea of controlling execution schedules.

project plan