Master thesis

Type of project:
Master thesis August 2007 - February 2008

Enrico Albonico

TrucStudio – Output Generation

Michela Pedroni


Planning and executing quality courses and curricula are difficult tasks and require both a thorough knowledge of the domain and a systematic approach. Trucs (Testable Reusable Units of Cognition) and their finer grained equivalent Notions allow to capture the content of educational material (which consists of chunks of knowledge) and provide the basis for a well founded approach to course planning. TrucStudio is the software system that builds upon this methodology. At the current stage it provides instructors with domain modeling facilities and supports basic course management features.
This master thesis builds upon the current version of TrucStudio produced by earlier master theses students. The thesis' main goal is to provide advanced output generation facilities to instructors. In particular, the resulting  software should be able to produce output that is flexible in content, style and format, i.e. the user should be able to customize what information is output, how the output looks like, and what format the output file is stored in. Designing a software system that is easily extendible with new formats, styles, and content is one of the main challenges of the thesis. Designing an intuitive user interface guiding him in the setup of new output templates is a second challenge.