Semester project

Type of project:
Semester project WS 2006/2007

Franziska Fritschi

Traffic 3.2 - Finding Suitable Examples to Assist Students’ Learning

Michela Pedroni


Instead of learning programming step by step, from “hello world” to complex codes, students in the first semester at ETH Zurich are offered a different teaching approach called the Inverted Curriculum. The approach is outside-in: already at the beginning the Chair of Software Engineering offers a large object-oriented software framework, which allows students to successfully program impressive graphical applications with only writing a few lines of code. The goal of this method is to fascinate the student with the potentials of programming and to motivate him to achieve this by himself. The course “Introduction to Programming” is based on a textbook called "Touch of Class" written by Prof. Dr. B. Meyer. It bases on an object-oriented software framework written in Eiffel: the TRAFFIC library, which models the traffic in a city in a graphic way.

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