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Master thesis

Type of project:
Master thesis, 20 April 2009 – 19 October 2009

Gerry Kammerer

TrucStudio – Refactoring TrucSharing

Supervising Assistant:
Michela Pedroni


TrucStudio is a teaching tool that supports instructors in the development and management of courses. At the current stage TrucStudio provides facilities for modeling the contents of courses as units of knowledge at three levels of granularity (in decreasing order: Clusters, Trucs and Notions), facilities for modeling the learning units that a course offers (i.e. lectures) with the help of the domain model, and facilities for outputs such as a graphical visualization of the domain and course model, generation of course webpages and calendar entries.

An earlier TrucStudio project, started in 2007, extended it with collaboration features, such that domain models can be shared over a server. Since then, the domain model of TrucStudio has undergone massive changes - in particular, its structure moved from a strict tree-based three level hierarchy to a DAG-based hierarchy. These changes, carried out as part of a master thesis, resulted in the necessity to rework TrucStudio entirely. This was done as part of the master thesis for its core functionalities only. The biggest missing update is for the Truc sharing facilities. A first step towards this was done as part of a lab project in fall 2008. One of this thesis' goals is to continue this line of work and adapt and improve the Truc sharing mechanisms.