Type of project:
Semesterarbeit SS 2002

Judith Zimmermann

Eiffel conformant Wrapper Classes for the .NET Threading Library


The setting of the project was to implement wrapper classes in Eiffel for the .NET threading namespace System.Threading. The wrappers are Eiffel conformant. That means they follow the Eiffel naming convention and the Eiffel style for features. For example it is possible to have commands and queries merged in .NET. In Eiffel these features have to be separated into two features. Eiffel also encourages the developer to set pre- and post-conditions for features and class invariants. This advantage is added to the features of the wrappers. The wrapper classes have the full functionality of the .NET library.

The wrappers might be used by SCOOP, the thread safe concurrency mechanism of Eiffel. So far the EiffelThread library offered a possibility for multithreaded programming. But the programmer has to use basic protection mechanism such as mutexes to guarantee a safe execution of its program. This shortage will now be eliminated by the SCOOP project.

(description provided by Volkan Arslan)