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Master Thesis

Type of project:
Master Thesis November 2008- May 2009

Lucien Hansen

Multi-Format, EiffelStudio-integrated Object Browser and Writer

Supervising Assistant:
Marco Piccioni


At the moment there is only one possible format choice when in need of serializing and deserializing objects using the Eiffel language: the binary format. The first goal of this thesis is to provide an additional serialization format that should be compact, efficient and human-readable. The chosen format is dADL, for which there is already a partial serializer implementation that needs to be completed. In addition, both the formats should be integrated in a comprehensive persistence framework sketched in. The second goal of this thesis is to integrate the Eiffel object browser standalone application (Ebbro), completed with the capability to read and write both the serialization formats, into the EiffelStudio research branch, called EVE.