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Type of project:
Semester thesis, July - December 2006

Matthias Loeu

Traffic 3.1 - Getting Started

Supervising Assistant:
Michela Pedroni


Since 2003 the Chair of Software Engineering at the ETH Zurich teaches “Introduction to Programming” for their first semester students following the ideas of the Inverted Curriculum. It builds around a large piece of software which includes a tool called Traffic. The Traffic library has undergone many changes since then, however the documentation is sparse and frequently relies on an old version of Traffic. Despite many simplifications, Traffic has grown very complex and it can be a tedious task for a first semester student (who may have never programmed before) to download & install the various components of Traffic and create, configure, build, and run his first application using Traffic.

The goal of this project is to provide the first semester students with a simple means of creating an application using Traffic. Furthermore, various “How-To”'s will be written to help the students getting familiar with the Traffic library.