Type of project:
Diplomarbeit SS 2003, 01 May - 02 September 2003

Michela Pedroni

Teaching introductory programming with the Inverted Curriculum approach


A new approach, called the Inverted Curriculum approach, will be used for the introductory programming course held the first time in winter 2003/2004 at the ETH Zurich. This approach - also known as "progressive opening of black boxes" - lets the students step-by-step grow from consumers to producers of an object-oriented library that is especially developed for this purpose. My tasks will be to critically revise the overall setup and the ongoing preparation of the course, and to assist in the implementation of the course (designing exercises and solutions). By doing so, I hope to clear away possible pitfalls for future students of the introductory programming course.

Project plan (PDF)

Mid-term presentation slides (PDF)

Final report