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Research in Computer Science II

Type of project:
Research in Computer Science II, June 2009 - December 2009

Mohammad Seyed Alavi

SCOOP in Practice

Supervising Assistant:
Sebastian Nanz


Concurrent programming has traditionally been used in a number of classical application domains such as networking, high-performance computing, and operating systems. The recent availability of cheap multi-core processing hardware is expected to make concurrency also relevant for mainstream programming outside these classical domains. Therefore programming models are sought that provide abstractions to aid programmers write concurrent programs correctly and effortlessly. SCOOP - Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming - is a practical framework for the development of high-quality concurrent software that carries the advantages of object technology and Design by Contract to the concurrent context. Due to its full support for advanced O-O mechanisms SCOOP claims to have the potential to address a wide range of concurrency problems.

The result of this research should be a more precise understanding of the applicability of SCOOP in practice. As part of the study a library of substantial SCOOP programs is produced that demonstrates SCOOP's expressivity and that can be reused in further developments and as part of other studies, e.g. profiling. Furthermore, first results with respect to SCOOP's performance will be obtained and documented.

project plan