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Master Thesis

Type of project:
Master Thesis, June 2009 - November 2009

Reto Ohnsorg

Eclipse Eiffel Development Toolkit - EDT

Supervising Assistant:
Marco Trudel


Eclipse is a multi-language software development platform comprising an IDE and a plug-in system to extend it. It is written primarily in Java and is used to develop applications in this language. Through plugins, Eclipse also allows to develop applications in other languages like C, C++, Cobol, Python, Perl, PHP, OCaml and a lot of others.
The goal of this thesis is to also have a plugin that allows Eiffel programming with Eclipse. This might bring Eiffel some attention from the Eclipse community and eases the learning of Eiffel for students already programming Java with Eclipse. Also, the Eiffel compiler from EiffelStudio itself benefits since it will be used “out of context” for this thesis and therefore gets a throughout evaluation and test.

project plan