Master project

Type of project:
Master project WS 2004/2005, 20 September 2004 - 19 March 2005

Rolf Bruderer

Object-Oriented Framework for Teaching Introductory Programming

Michela Pedroni, Till Bay



In the introductory programming course at ETH Zurich the students work with a large object-oriented framework. The main objective of this project is to redesign the framework in a way that it will be easy to understand, to use, and to extend, even for first year students.

Furthermore this project includes the improvement of the framework visualisation by using the open source and platform-independent multimedia library ESDL. Therefore I will have to enhance the ESDL library to our needs.

We also intend to develop a test procedure to survey the success of an object-oriented introductory programming course.

Project plan (PDF)

Final report (PDF)

Student guide (Leitprogramm) for EiffelStudio (PDF)