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Type of project:
Master thesis, 4. October 2007 - 4. April 2008

Ruihua Jin

DEFCON - Development of a Db4o-Eiffel Connector

Supervising Assistant:
Marco Piccioni


Db4o is an established OODBMS solution for Java and .NET. As Eiffel is already integrated in the .NET framework, the task is to implement the necessary Db4o interfaces to make Db4o usable within Eiffel applications. More specifically, as Db4o already has a pluggable reflector API, the aim is to write a special reflector implementation for Eiffel. A reflector basically defines to Db4o what an object is and how to get and set attributes. The work will focus on adapting specific features of Eiffel to work with db4o, like multiple inheritance, whereas the .NET framework only supports single inheritance.