Semester project

Type of project:
Semester project WS 2005/2006

Susanne Kasper

Traffic 3.0 - Extracting Software Examples for Pedagogical Effectiveness

Michela Pedroni


The course “Introduction to Programming” for first term students at the Department of Computer Sciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland was reorganized in 2003 to follow a novice objects-first teaching approach called the Inverted Curriculum. The key idea of the Inverted Curriculum is to provide students from the beginning with software components which allows us to introduce topics outside-in (starting with feature calls and class interfaces) and to use multimedia and graphics right from the start. The contained multimedia and graphic components should activate the curiosity of the students and motivate them to learn more about programming.

In addition to the used teaching material for the course such as slides, lecture videos, assignments, a new book is currently being written by Prof. Dr. B. Meyer. The target reader of this book is the programming novice and the aim of this book is not just to teach the readers how to program but to instruct them how to program well.

The core subject of this semester thesis is to improve the already existing examples from the book or to find new, more adequate examples in the software to show the presented concepts to the reader in a manner as simple as possible.

Project plan (PDF)

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