Type of project:
Diplomarbeit SS 2003, 26 May - 25 September 2003

Till Bay

Eiffel SDL multimedia library (ESDL)


Support for building multimedia applications is mandatory for libraries accompanying modern programming languages. Therefore many programming languages provide not only standard libraries that allow a programmer to perform simple tasks like I/O, memory access or string handling, but they also ship with libraries that provide support for video, audio, CD-ROM, multi threading, networking, access to OpenGL and access to input devices such as mice, keyboards and joysticks. Naturally a multimedia library is bigger than one of the mentioned standard libraries, since it tries to harbor all API for the various applications in one comprehensive package.
The history of OpenGL shows that the success and the widespread acceptance of a multimedia library depend on the portability of the applications created using it. Eiffel is lacking a platform independent multimedia library. This diploma thesis aims to fill this gap by building an object-oriented multimedia library in Eiffel based on SDL which itself constitutes a platform independent multimedia library written in C.

Project plan (PDF)
Diploma Thesis (PDF)