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Concurrency Seminar

Bertrand Meyer and Arnaud Bailly, Summer semester 2004


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2 April 2004:

  • Send a choice of 3 papers that would would like to present:
    To: arnaud.bailly@inf.ethz.ch
    Subject: Concurrency Seminar Choice of Articles
    Content: the 3 papers that would interest you the most to present in the seminar, numbered 1 to 3, by order of preference (1 the highest).
    You will only present one paper, we ask for three because we will need to solve possible conflicts in choices.
    The date of each presentation will be negociated with the seminar organizers.
    This date will mostly depend on the presented paper.

2 April 2004:

  • Register to the seminar: Please send an email
    To: concur-seminar@se.inf.ethz.ch
    Subject: Concurrency Seminar Participant
    • Your name
    • Preferred email address
    • Status: Diplom student (what semester), Ph.D. student, other.
    • Taking the course for credit or not.
    • Attach a picture (JPEG, GIF, PNG) if you wish.


Title and Code

Concurrency Seminar
Course code: 251-0270-00


The seminar will provide an overview of current research topics in concurrent and distributed programming, with particular emphasis on object-oriented methods. During the semester, each student attending the seminar will make a presentation on one topic of his or her choice (among a set of proposed ones).


There is no formal prerequisite, but we recommend to follow the course "Concurrent Object Oriented Programming", code 37-268.


  • Concurrent and distributed programming models and languages.
  • Formal models of concurrency.
  • Distributed algorithms.
  • Middleware and components, mobility of code.
  • Static analysis and deadlock avoidance in concurrent programs.
  • Design methods and notations for distributed software.
  • Fault tolerance and replication.
  • Security for distributed software.
  • Object-orientation issues: inheritance, typing, distributed garbage collection.

The literature for presentations covering those topics is given below.

Companion Course

Concurrent Object Oriented Programming, 251-0268-00 , Tuesdays 13.00 - 16.00 RZ F21.


  • Tuesdays 16.00 - 17.00, IFW C42.

Office hours: Thursday 14.15-16.00, or by appointment, RZ-J3.


Tuesday 30 March Administrative session, no presentation.
Tuesday 6 April Arnaud Bailly presenting the work by G. Cécé, A. Finkel, and S. Purushothaman Iyer, Unreliable channels are easier to verify than perfect channels. The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 13 April Professor Jean-Raymond Abrial, "Formal Construction of a Non blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithm". Both abstract and slides are available.
Tuesday 20 April No presentation this week.
Tuesday 27 April
Erich Laube presenting the work by L. Cardelli, A language with distributed scope. The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 4 May Samuele Milani presenting work by N. Busi, A. Manfredini, A. Montresor and G. Zavattaro, PeerSpaces: Data-driven Coordination in Peer-to-Peer Networks. The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 11 May Sibylle Aregger and Antonia Schmidig, presenting the work by Jörg Kienzle, and Rachid Guerraoui, AOP: Does It Make Sense? The Case of Concurrency and Failures. The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 18 May No presentation this week.
Tuesday 25 May Thomas Zweifel presenting the work by P. Felber, R. Guerraoui, and A. Schiper, Replication of CORBA Objects.
Tuesday 1 June Andrea Rezzonico, presenting the work by A. Sánchez, L. Veiga and P. Ferreira, Distributed Garbage Collection for Wide Area Replicated Memory. The slides, in pdf-1.
Tuesday 8 June Matthias Niklaus, presenting the work of C. Boyapati, R. Lee and M. Rinard, Ownership Types for Safe Programming: Preventing Data Races and Deadlocks.The slides, in pdf-1.
Tuesday 15 June Christian Hälg, presenting the works of R. Pietzuch, B. Shand, and J. Bacon, A Framework for Event Composition in Distributed Systems. The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 22 June Erol Koc presenting the work of N. Parlavantzas, G. Coulson, G.S. Blair. An Extensible Binding Framework for Component-Based Middleware.The slides, in pdf-1, pdf-3, pdf-6, or ppt.
Tuesday 29 June Professor Elie Najm from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications in Paris, France, about "Behavioural Contracts for a Sound Assembly of Components". The abstract is available.

 Literature for presentations

The following articles will serve as a basis for technical presentations in the seminar. The goal of each presentation is to describe the main contributions achieved in one article, and to place them back in context. To do so, each student will be assigned a tutor that will help him or her during the reading process.

You may need Acrobat Reader or GSview (on windows only, Ghostview works fine on Unix-like systems).

Formal models, static analysis, and foundations:

Concurrent and distributed objects:

Middleware, Components, Web Services, and Peer-to-Peer:




  • Send all email relative to this seminar to concur-seminar (at...) se.inf.ethz.ch. It will reach the professors and assistants that are in charge of it. Do not use their personal addresses or your message may be missed.
  • Contact person for the seminar: Arnaud Bailly (http://se.inf.ethz.ch/people/bailly, Office: RZ-J3)
  • Webmaster: Click arnaud.bailly (at also...) se.inf.ethz.ch.