Slides + Voice
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Thu. 22.03 1 Java Basics Slides pdf
Thu. 29.03 2 Java Basics Slides pdf
Thu. 05.04 3 Java Basics Slides pdf pdf Streams
Thu. 12.04 4 Project Session Slides Last Year's Wiki
Thu. 19.04 5 Eclipse Talk given by Martin Aeschlimann and Tobias Widmer from IBM - OTI Labs Slides Project used
Thu. 26.04 6 Graphical User Interfaces Slides
Thu. 03.05 7 Threads and Synchronization, Reflection Slides Threads Slides Reflection pdf Threads pdf Reflection
Thu. 10.05 8 Sockets, Unit Tests Slides Sockets
Slides XP, TDD
pdf Sockets
Thu. 24.05 9 Java Middleware Talk given by Prof. Dr. Patrick Eugster from Purdue University
Slides RMI
Slides Publish/Subscribe
Thu. 31.05 10 Java Databases, Spring Framework and Web Services Slides JDBC/Spring/WS
Thu. 07.06 11 Dynamic Loading, Byte Code, Just-in-Time Slides Class Loaders Slides Byte Code
Thu. 14.06 12 Java Virtual Machine Talk given by Dr. Laurent Daynès from Sun Labs
Thu. 21.06 13 Exam