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Software Engineering

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Group Arrangement

Monday 10:00-12:00

Location: IFW A 36
Assistant:Werner Dietl
Location: IFW A 34
Assistant: Joerg Derungs

Thursday 8:15-10:00

Location: IFW A 34
Assistant: Hermann Lehner
Location: IFW B 42
Assistant: Marco Piccioni

Friday 13:15-15:00

Location: IFW B 42
Assistant: Mitra Purandare
Location: IFW C 42
Assistant: Adam Darvas

Merged exercise sessions

  • March 26, Monday - Werner's + Joerg's groups (Room: IFW A 36)
  • April 2, Monday - Werner's + Joerg's groups (Room: IFW A 36)

Canceled exercise sessions

  • March 29, Thursday
  • April 6, Friday
  • April 9, Monday

Notes about Monday groups schedule:

  • Week 9: a feedback session in the for the Monday groups
  • Week 10: no exercise session for the Monday groups because of "Pfingsten".
  • Week 14: no exercise session in on the 25.06.07 for the Monday groups but instead you have to attend the last Thursday or Friday classes.


Week Title Slides Handouts Tools and documentation
1 Project details + Software Requirements Specifications IEEE Std 830-1998
2/3 Preparation for project The Eiffel Solution -- Presentations
4 Requirements Engineering
5 Configuration management
Bug tracking tools
Build Tools
Revision Control
6 Testing IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation
A Study of 12 Specifications of the Library Problem
7 Feedback on Assignment 1
8 UML Download StarUML
Case study solution
9 Auffahrt: no class on Thu and Fri
10 Feedback on Assignment 2
11 Unit Testing Gobo Eiffel Test demo application
12 Profiling and Metrics
13 Acceptance Testing
14 Refactoring