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26.10.2005 1 Introduction to the topic of Offshoring and Outsourcing in software development     introoutsourcing    
27.10.2004 1 Introducing to the Topic Offshoring and Outsourcing in Software Development     introoutsourcing    
03.11.2004 2 Outsourcing Strategy     prepoutsorcing



10.11.2004 3 No lesson        
17.11.2004 4 Cost Model for Outsourcing Projects    

Content included at previous prepoutsorcing slides

24.11.2004 5 CMMI Model used for Supplier Sourcing     IntroCMMI

CMMI-Continuous CMMI-Staged

01.12.2004 6 Requirements Engineering and QA     Req.Engineering+ Project Article-Formalism
08.12.2004 7 RE and Object-Oriented Analysis: Presentation of different methods (IEEE, Use Cases driven approach)     OO Analysis    
15.12.2004 8 Requirements Modelling,
Theory and application to the project
22.12.2004 9 Outsourcing Project Management with help of the Supplier Agreement Management process     ProjManagmment    
12.01.2005 10 Object Oriented Analysis with Domain Modelling     Dom.Model-Eiffel    
19.01.2005 11 Risk Management     Risk Management    
26.01.2005 12 Testing and Acceptance        
02.02.2005 13 Final Exam