Hear it, feel it, secretly possess you

The captain is a one-armed dwarf, he's throwing dice along the wharf
In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, so take this ring

We sail tonight for Singapore, we're all as mad as hatters here
I've fallen for a tawny Moor, took off to the land of Nod
Drank with all the Chinamen, walked the sewers of Paris
I drank along a colored wind, I dangled from a rope of sand
You must say goodbye to me
-- Tom Waits, Singapore
i guess you heard about nash he was killed in a crash
hell that must of been two or three years ago now
yea he spun out and he rolled he hit a telephone pole
and he died with the radio on
no she's married and with a kid finally split up with sid
he's up north for a nickle's worth for armed robbery

hey i'll play you some pin ball hell you ain't got a chance
well then go on over and ask her to dance
-- Tom Waits, A Sight for Sore Eye
Close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truth
And the truth isn't what you want to see
In the dark it is easy to pretend
That the truth is what it ought to be
-- Charles Hart, Music of the Night

From the musical The Phantom of the Opera with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

And a song that we'd never heard
A song of a little bird
That fell in love with a whale

He said, 'You cannot live in the ocean'
And she said to him
'You never can live in the sky'
But the ocean is filled with tears
And the sea turns into a mirror
There's a whale in the moon when it's clear
And a bird on the tide
-- Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan, Fish and Bird
I was dreaming in my dreaming
of an aspect bright and fair
and my sleeping it was broken
but my dream it lingered near
in the form of shining valleys
where the pure air recognized
and my senses newly opened
I awakened to the cry
-- Patti Smith, People Have The Power
Did her green eyes seduce you and make you get so weak?
Was there fire engine red that she left upon your cheek?
It's such a shame you had to break the heart
You could have counted on but the last thing you need is another
Episode of blonde
-- Elvis Costello, Episode of Blonde
Outside another yellow moon
Has punched a hole in the nighttime, yes
I climb through the window and down to the street
I'm shining like a new dime
The downtown trains are full with all of those Brooklyn girls
They try so hard to break out of their little worlds

Well you wave your hand and they scatter like crows
They have nothing that will ever capture your heart
They're just thorns without the rose
Be careful of them in the dark
-- Tom Waits, Downtown Train
Sundays on the phone to Monday
Tuesdays on the phone to me.
She said she'd always been a dancer
She worked at fifteen clubs a day
And though she thought I knew the answer
Well I knew I could not say.
-- The Beatles, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
We walked him to the station in the rain
We kissed him as we put him on the train
And we sang him a song of times long gone
Though we knew that wed be seeing him again
(far away) sad to say I must be on my way
So buy me beer and whiskey cause Im going far away (far away)
Id like to think of me returning when I can
To the greatest little boozer and to sally maclennane
-- Pogues, Sally MacLennane
Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down...
-- Nancy Sinatra, Bang Bang
Down by the Riverside motel,
It's 10 below and falling
By a 99 cent store she closed her eyes
And started swaying
But it's so hard to dance that way
When it's cold and there's no music
Well your old hometown is so far away
But, inside your head there's a record
That's playing, a song called
-- Tom Waits, Hold On
It's such a sad old feeling
the fields are soft and green
it's memories that I'm stealing
but you're innocent when you dream
-- Tom Waits, Innocent When You Dream.