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I currently hold a post-doctoral position within the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich. I am working on theoretical aspects of the SCOOP model for concurrent programming. I defended my PhD at the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris (France), in 2002. I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Prof. Elie Najm; the subject of the thesis was Assume/Guarantee Contracts in a Timed Calculus of Mobile Objects.

Areas of research

I am essentially working on theoretical aspects of computer science and programming, with a strong emphasis on concurrency,  distribution, and real-time systems. During my post-doctoral sojourn at ETH Zurich, my goal is to improve and give formal foundations to the SCOOP  model, so that it becomes the most practical way to produce efficient, object-oriented, distributed programs. This implies engaging into a thorough examination of the semantic issues related to distributed contracts and formal languages, of the properties one would wish to verify, of the algorithms that would allow these properties to be verified efficiently, and of the leverage such results could exercise on practical developments. My work will address mainly two concrete problems, that are improving the efficiency of the synchronization mechanism in SCOOP on the one hand, and the extension of SCOOP to handle real-time on the other hand.

Other centers of interest I have include operating systems, middleware, fault tolerance, and mobility of code.


SS 2004


Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming


Doctoral Thesis

  • Arnaud Bailly. Assume/Guarantee Contracts in a Timed Calculus of Mobile Objects. École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, 2002.
    Paper (PDF)


  • A. Bailly, E. Najm, J-B. Stefani, and L. Leboucher. Modélisation et vérification de protocoles temps-réel par typage comportemental. CFIP'2000, Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingérnierie des Protocoles, pages 183--198. Hermes, Octobre 2000.
    Paper (PDF)


  • Arnaud Bailly. UML temps réel: vers une méta-architecture. Journée Objets et temps-réel du Club SEE, Systemes Informatiques de Confiance, Cercle "Objectif Zero-Defaut", 18 janvier 2001.
    Paper (PDF)

Technical Reports

  • Arnaud Bailly and Elie Najm. Timed behavioral typing. Technical report, ENST, 2001.
    Paper (PDF)

Work in Progress

  • Arnaud Bailly. What would I do, for a SCOOP ? a white paper on the SCOOP model.
    Paper (PDF)
  • Arnaud Bailly. Implementation of the dining philosophers and a solution to the Santa Claus problem.
    archive (zip)
  • Arnaud Bailly. Formal Semantics and Proof System for SCOOP.
    Paper (PDF)


I sometimes enjoy dancing and becoming more and more deaf at punk rock concerts. I like jazz, too ...