The Role of Contracts in Distributed Development (bibtex)
@inproceedings{NordioMitinMeyerGhezziNittoTamburelli09, author = {Martin Nordio and Roman Mitin and Bertrand Meyer and Carlo Ghezzi and Elisabetta Di Nitto and Giordano Tamburelli}, title = {The {R}ole of {C}ontracts in {D}istributed {D}evelopment}, booktitle = {Software Engineering Advances For Offshore and Outsourced Development}, editor = {O. Gotel and M. Joseph and B. Meyer}, year = {2009}, series = {Lecture Notes in Business and Information Processing}, volume = {35}, pages = {117-119}, urltopdf = {/people/meyer/publications/tools/contracts_seafood.pdf}, springer = {} }
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