Semester Project


Awareness in CloudStudio
Semester Project, May 2012 — July 2012
Author: Brian Bullins
Supervisor: Martin Nordio and Christian Estler
Project plan here


The goals of this project is to extend the current implementation of CloudStudio improving its awareness system, and providing important IDE functionalities such as autocompletion and resource management. In the setup of CloudStudio, autocompletion has to extend the traditional techniques. For example, if a developer a adds a new routine r without performing a commit, CloudStudio should include or exclude this routine depending of the user settings. If developer b decides to monitor and compile the changes of developer a, then the autocompletion should include the new feature. The GUI has to be implemented in a way that the developer is aware that this routine has not be committed, and a change in his/her settings would break the system. The awareness system will extend the current functionalities of CloudStudio, which allows developer to see and compile the code of other developers. The new version of the awareness system would monitor the developers changes, and based on the developers annotations (preconditions, postconditions, invariants, and even code comments), the system would inform other developers about these changes.