Master Thesis


Successful outsourcing: Necessary conditions and best practices
Master Thesis at MTEC (ETH), October 2011 — December 2011
Author: Johannes Schneider
Supervisor: Martin Nordio and Christian Estler
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Outsourcing is a difficult endeavor. Many companies try it, some fail and some succeed (partly). In this thesis we want to look at several (Swiss) companies mainly in the field of hardware and (low-level) software design (with a particular focus on Albis Technologies) and come up with conditions and processes for outsourcing. Clearly, there is no unified simple process, but what and how to outsource is highly dependent on project/ business constraints such as timeline, costs, required quality, know-how and production facilities etc. Additionally, outsourcing comes in different forms, e.g. in-house outsourcing, contracting etc. Each form brings its own requirements for successful management.