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This page has not been updated for several years (no time to take care of it!). It serves as a record of events until then. Newer information appears on the home page.


 Conferences we run

+ LASER Summer School on software engineering, Elba Island (Italy), 8-15 September 2007, co-chaired with Tony Hoare. The theme is Applied Software Verification, part of Hoare's "Grand Challenge" of software verification; it has a very practical focus on actual tools. The speakers, each with the tool he will emphasize, are Tom Ball (SLAM), Gérard Berry (Esterel), Tony Hoare (verification of concurrency and transactions), me (Eiffel), Peter Müller (Boogie) and Natarajan Shankar (PVS). Registration is open.

 Site of LASER school

LASER school

+ 24-28 June 2007: TOOLS EUROPE 2007 -- Objects, Models, Components, Patterns, at ETH Zurich.

 View from ETH Zurich


+ February 2008: SEAFOOD -- second international conference on Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development, ETH Zurich. More detailed announcement to come. See below about SEAFOOD 2007.

 View from ETH Zurich


+ April 2008: TAP: Second International Conference on Tests And Proofs. More detailed announcement to come. See below about TAP 2007.

 View from ETH Zurich


+ We participate in TC39-TG4, the ECMA standard committee for Eiffel and hosted numerous meetings at ETH since 2002. The standard was approved by ECMA on 21 June 2005; the second version was approved in June of 2006 and in November 2006 became an ISO (International Standards Organization) standard.

 Eiffel standard

Eiffel standard
latest version)

+ FATS seminar (Formal Approaches To Software). A semi-regular program of talks on the application of formal methods. Wednesdays at 16:15, IFW E42.

FATS seminar

 Talks at ETH by others

+ Computer Science colloquium, Mondays at 16:15 during the semester

CS Colloquium

 2007-2008 keynotes and other talks by me

+ 24-28 December 2007: lectures at Shanghai Jaio Tong University


Shanghai lectures announcement

+ 4 January 2008: seminar at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Software, Beijing


+ 22-23 February 2008: lectures at TCSL summer school, Kasetsart University, Thailand (in conjunction with DEST, next entry)


TCSL summer school

+ 26-29 February 2008: keynote at second IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies, Phitsanulok, Thailand



+ 14-17 April 2008: keynote at 21st IEEE-CS Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, Charleston, South Carolina


IEEE education conference

+ 27-29 August 2008: keynote at 6th Conference on Informatics and Higher Education, Debrecen, Hungary



 Earlier talks by me


+ 31 October 2007: Seminar at Manchester University

 Manchester seminar

Manchester seminar

+ 30 October 2007: Strachey lecture at Oxford

 Strachey lecture

Strachey lectures

+ 23 October 2007: Participation in panel at OOPSLA in Montreal

 OOPSLA panel

OOPSLA panel

+ 10-2 October 2007: Keynote at CEE-SET (Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques), Poznan, Poland

 Balkan Info. Conf.


+ 27-29 September 2007: Keynote at Balkan Informatics conference, Sofia

 Balkan Conference on Informatics


+ 8-15 September 2007: lectures at LASER Summer School, Elba

 LASER school

LASER school

+ 6 September 2007: keynote at CSR (Computer Science in Russia) 2007 conference, Ekaterinburg, Russia


CSR 2007

+ 24-28 June 2007: tutorial and workshop on concurrency at TOOLS EUROPE



+ 10 June 2007: participation in concluding panel at History Of Programming Languages conference in San Diego.



+ 6-8 June 2007: keynote at IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering (TASE), Shanghai


TASE 2007

+ 30-31 May 2007: keynote at MemoCODE conference, Nice


MemoCODE 2007

+ 10 May 2007: Talk at Oredev conference, Malmo, Sweden



+ 3 April 2007: Keynote at Software Development Best Practices, Moscow

 SD Best Practices

SD Best Practices

+ 31 March 2007: Keynote at FInCo workshop on the Foundations of Interactive Computation at ETAPS

 ETAPS 2007

FInCo 2007

+ 29 March 2007: "Unifying" keynote at ETAPS 2007, Braga, Portugal

 ETAPS 2007

ETAPS 2007

+ 26 February 2007: Talk at Intel Laboratory, Berkeley

 Intel seminar

Intel seminar announcement

+ 12-13 February 2007: TAP -- first international conference on Tests And Proofs, co-chaired with Yuri Gurevich.

 Talk at TAP 2007


+ 5-6 February 2007: SEAFOOD -- first international conference on Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development, co-chaired with Mathai Joseph.

 View from ETH Zurich


+ 20-24 January 2007: keynote at SOFSEM 07 (Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science), Harrachov, Czech Republic

 SOFSEM 2007


+ 25 January 2007: keynote and tutorial at OOP 2007, Munich

 OOP 2007

OOP 2007


+ 20 October 2006: keynote on software outsourcing at IT Seasons conference, Interlaken, Switzerland

 OOP 2007

IT Seasons 2006

+ 20 October 2006: invited talk at IFIP Working Conference on Software Engineering Techniques (SET 2006), Warsaw, Poland

 SET 2006

SET 2006

+ 16-17 October 2006: Informatics-Europe 2006 (European Computer Science Summit), ETH Zurich


Informatics Europe

+ 17-23 September 2006: talks at LASER summer school, Elba


LASER 2006

+ 11-12 September 2006: invited talk at IEEE Software Engineering and Formal Methods conference (SEFM 2006), Pune, India


SEFM 2006

+ 6 September 2006: Seminar on tests and proofs of contracted programs at the University of Hong Kong (host: T.H. Tse)


+ 4-5 July 2006: closing address at CORDIE 06 (first international symposium on Concurrency, Real-Time and Distribution in Eiffel-like Languages), York, England

 CORDIE 2006


+ 8 June 2006: keynote at (IFIP) Second International Conference on Open Source Systems, Como, Italy (was presented by co-authors, Till Bay and Bernd Schoeller)


OSS 2006

+ 2-8 June 2006: talks in Russia (Univ. of Tver, Univ. of Nijny-Novgorod)


+ 2 June 2006: talk at ITMO technical university in Saint Petersburg

 ITMO (first row: A. Shalyto)

ITMO announcement
(in Russian)

+ 29 May 2006: invited presentation at yearly conference of Fakultätentag Informatik (German university computer science association), Frankfurt


+ 1-5 March 2006: paper (with Michela Pedroni) at SIGCSE 2006, Houston (Texas), on "The Inverted Curriculum in Practice"

 SIGCSE 2006

Inverted curriculum paper

+ 15-20 January 2006: lectures at IFIP TC2 Summer School, Gordon's Bay, South Africa

 Gordon Bay 2006

IFIP school


+ 20-21 October 2005: ECSS: European Computer Science Summit, ETH Zurich. First ever meeting of heads of European computer science departments.

 Willy Zwaenepoel and Ed Lazowska at ECSS 2005


+ 10-13 October 2005: IFIP conference: VSTTE (Verified Software: Tools, Theories, Experiments, at ETH Zurich. The first international conference sparked by Tony Hoare's "Grand Challenge" on the Verifying Compiler.

 Jay Misra, Niklaus Wirth, Tony Hoare


+ 11-17 September 2005: Lectures at LASER summer school, Elba, Italy

 LASER 2005: Laura Dillon, Jay Misra, Joseph Sifakis, Amir Pnueli

LASER 2005

+ 8-9 September 2005: Keynote and talk at RISE 2005 workshop, Crete, Greece

 RISE workshop

RISE 2005

+ 27 June 2005: Keynote at ECOOP 2005, Glasgow

 ECOOP opening session

ECOOP 2005

+ 26 June 2005: Invited presentation at ECOOP workshop on Practical Problems of Programming in the Large, Glasgow

 ECOOP Programming-in-the-Large workshop

ECOOP programming in the large workshop

+ 25 June 2005: Keynote at ECOOP exception worskhop, Glasgow

 ECOOP exception workshop

ECOOP exception workshop

+ 18 June 2005: Keynote at 10th IEEE Int.l Conference on Engineering Complex Computer Systems, Shanghai, China

 Jim Woodcock at ICECCS


+ 14 June 2005: Invited presentation at Integrated Design & Process Technology Symposium, Peking, China

Design symposium

+ 6 June 2005: Two seminars at New University of Lisbon, Portugal

 Unv. Nova de Lisboa

Lisbon seminars

+ 16 May 2005: Seminar at Institute of Systems Programming of Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia                                                                                                         

 Moscow, ISPRAS (with Viktor Ivannikov and Alexander Petrenko)

+ 14 May 2005: Seminar at State University, Faculty of Business Informatics, Moscow

 Moscow, State University of Economics

Moscow announcement (Russian)

+ 12 May 2005: Keynote at national conference on Teaching Information Technologies in the Russian Federation, Yaroslavl (Russia)

 Russian IT education conference panel (rightmost, Andrei Terekhov Jr.)

IT education (site in Russian)

+ 11 May 2005: Seminar at Saint Petersburg University, Russia

 Saint Petersburg University

+ 7 March 2005: Seminar at University of California, Santa Barbara

+ 19-21 February 2005: Invited presentation at workshop on Verified Software, Menlo Park, California
Tony Hoare Ed Clarke Rustan Leino, Jay Misra, Rick Hehner

+ 27 January 2005: Talk (about the experience of electronic publishing with the Journal of Object Technology) at ETH symposium on information management in science and technology

ETH symposium;
Journal of Object Technology


+ 20-30 December 2004: lectures and seminars at Wuhan University, China.

+ 5 November 2004: Talk on teaching introductory programming at NET Tagung, ETH.

NET conference program

+ 3-4 November 2004: industry course on Successful Software Outsourcing and Offshoring in Zurich, with Peter Kolb.

Outsourcing course

+ 19-21 October 2004: Distinguished lecture at University of York, UK.

University of York program

+ 12-18 September 2004: lectures at LASER summer school on software engineering, Elba island, Italy.

LASER school

+ 3-14 August 2004: lectures at 25th Marktoberdorf summer school.

 Marktoberdorf panel (left to right: Jay Moore, Tony Hoare (behind him: Tom Ball), Amir Pnueli, Shmuel Sagiv)

Marktoberdorf 2004

+ 14-16 July 2004: keynote at annual conference on computer science education in universities (Jornadas sobre enseñanza universitaria de la Informática), Alicante, Spain.


+ 17-18 June 2004: industry course on Eiffel and Design by Contract in Zurich

Outsourcing course

+ 31 May - 2 June 2004: keynote at 2nd International Workshop on .NET technologies, Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic.


Plzen: .NET

+ 27-28 May 2004: industry course on Successful Software Outsourcing and Offshoring in Zurich, with Dr. Peter Kolb from ABB

Outsourcing course

+ 20-24 May 2004: keynote at JAOO object-oriented conference, Cannes, France


+ 13-14 May 2004: keynote at International Service Availability Symposium 2004, Munich

ISAS 2004

+ 4-5 May 2004: keynote at SET (Software Engineering Today) conference, Zurich


+ 30 April 2004: keynote at Infoday conference (.NET and applications), Fribourg

+ 21-23 April 2004: keynote at Microsoft .NET academic conference, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

St Petersburg academic days

+ 16 April 2004: seminar at University of Pisa, Italy

Pisa seminar announcement

+ 15 April 2004: seminar at University of Trento, Italy

Trento seminar announcement

+ 18-19 March 2004: invited talk at SI-SE 2004 (Software Engineering, Swiss computer society).

+ 23 January 2004: seminar at software engineering department, Charles University, Prague

Seminar announcement


+ 17 December 2003: keynote at first International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 03), Trento, Italy


+ 11 December 2003: keynote at APSEC 2003, 10th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference

APSEC 2003

+ 4-5 December: Talks for John von Neumann Society, Budapest

Budapest Software
Technology Forum

+ 19 November 2003: Keynote at DAIS (Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems) and FMOODS (Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems), Paris


+ 18 November 2003: Keynote at 30-year MIAGE (business computer science curriculum) anniversary conference, Nancy, France

+ 28-30 October 2003, Buenos Aires: Keynote at Latin American Forum for Software Engineering

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Buenos Aires: Yuri Gurevitch

IDS Forum

+ 8-12 September 2003, Saarbrucken, Germany: lectures at 4th Max Planck-Institut for Computer Science (ADFOCS)


+ 25-27 August 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria: tutorials at JMLC 2003 (Joint Modular Languages Conference)

JMLC 2003

+ 19-22 August 2003, Tokyo: keynote at 9th IPSJ-SIGSE Symposium on Object-Orientation (OO 2003)


+ August 2003: "Eiffel in depth" lectures at Monash University

+ 30 July 2003: seminar at NASA Ames Research Center, California

+ 9-12 July 2003, Novosibirsk, Russia: Keynote at PSI '03.

PSI 03

+ 30 June - 2 July 2003, Salzburg, Austria: lectures at Summer School on Embedded Systems, Salzburg

EmSys Summer School

+ 4-6 June 2003, Turku, Finland: Keynote at ZB 2003 (Z and B users conference)

Z and B 2003

+ 15 May 2003, Rennes, France: Keynote at Journées MIAGE (computer science education conference)

Journées MIAGE 2003

+ 12 May 2003, Madrid, Spain: Keynote at Microsoft Europe/Mideast/Africa .NET academic conference.

Microsoft conference

+ 8-9 May 2003, Santa Barbara, California: Distinguished lecture at UC Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies

+ 4-8 May 2003, Portland, Oregon: Keynote (6 May) at International Conference on Software Engineering

ICSE 2003 -Paper-

+ 10 April 2003, 18:30, Zürich: Talk for association of ETH computer science alumni.

+ 9 April 2003, 17:15, University of Zürich: Seminar on Type-Safe Covariance: Competent compilers can categorically catch all catcalls.

Uni Zürich colloquium page

+ 3 April 2003, Nancy, France: Presentation on Teaching Introductory Programming in connection with Dominique Cansell's habilitation thesis).

LORIA talks

+ 2 April 2003, Munich: tutorial at OMG days

OMG days 2003

+ 24 March 2003, Darmstadt: Keynote at IEEE International Workshop on information Assurance

IEEE security workshop

+ 14 March 2003, 16:30, Technische Universität Wien: Seminar on Practical Proofs of Object-Oriented Software.

Vienna seminar announcement

+ 3 March 2003, Taormina (Italy): Invited presentation at workshop on Abstract State Machines

ASM 2003

+ 8-12 January 2003, Prato (Italy): several talks at Trusted Components workshop

Trusted Components 2003


+ 5-6 December 2002: Distinguished Lecture (three talks), University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame: parts 1, 2 and 3

+ 27 November 2002: "Proving Properties of Programs with Pointers", part of the FATS seminar

FATS presentations

+ 26 November 2002: Colloquium at University of Berne

Bern seminar announcement

+ 18 November 2002: Inaugural lecture at ETH

Inaugural lecture announcement

+ 5-8 November 2002, Leiden (Netherlands): Keynote at 1st International Symposium on Formal Methods for Components, Objects and their Implementation

FMCO 2002

+ 31 October 2002: Keynote at Symposium on Privacy and Security, Zürich

Privacy and security symposium

+ 7-11 October 2002: Presentation at Monterey workshop, Radical Innovations of Software and Systems Engineering in the Future, Venice

Monterey workshop

+ 2 October 2002: Computer Science colloquium, Stanford University (Progress report on Trusted Components).

Stanford CSL Colloquium

+ 17-20 September 2002: Keynote at EDOC conference (Enterprise Distributed Object Computing), Lausanne

EDOC 2002

+ 12 September 2002: Seminar at Institute of System Sciences, National University of Singapore: Event-Driven Design

+ 9-12 September 2002: Microsoft Summer Research Workshop, Cambridge (UK), paper on extracting closet contracts from .NET libraries (with Karine Arnout, presented by her)

+ 9 September 2002: Three talks at Monash University, Clayton campus (GUI and business model, progress report on trusted components, event-driven design).

Monash seminar program

+ 28-31 July 2002: Keynote and tutorial at TOOLS USA 2002, Santa Barbara


+ 6-13 July 2002: Week-long course at 14th International School for Computer Science Researchers (this year's theme: Software Engineering), Lipari Island, Sicily

Lipari Summer School

+ 1-4 July 2002: Two lectures at Microsoft TechEd conference in Barcelona

TechEd 2002

+ 20-21 June 2002, Berlin: Keynote at 1st IFIP/ACM Conference on Component Deployment

CD '02 conference

+ 1 May 2002, CRIM, Montréal, .NET & Java conference, two talks: Multi-language development; comparative assessment of .NET and Java technologies.

CRIM conference

+ 29 April 2002, ETH: Seminar on "Integrating a high-level functional construct into a typed O-O language" (describes the Eiffel agent mechanism and its applications to various problems areas)

Informatics Colloquium

+ 22-26 April 2002, San Jose: Two talks (Trusted Components, .NET) at Software Development 2002

Software Development

+ 2 March 2002, Cincinatti: Presentation at SigCSE (ACM Computer Science Education conference) on multi-language programming in .NET

SigCSE 2002

+ 26 February 2002, Monash University: Two seminars (the .NET approach to multi-language development; use of Eiffel for teaching)

Monash CSSE

+ 20 February 2002, Sydney: Keynote at TOOLS PACIFIC 2002


+ 13 February 2002, seminar (Towards Component Certification) at Institute of System Science, Singapore.


+ 12 February 2002, seminar (Trusted Components) at Australian National University, Canberra

ANU Computer Science

+ 8 February 2002, seminar (Recent developments in Eiffel) at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

QUT Information Technology

+ 5 February 2002: Seminar at Caulfield campus, Monash University: Progress report on Trusted Components

+ 4 February 2002, seminar (Software development in Eiffel) at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok


+ 25 January 2002, Munich: Tutorial on multi-language development in .NET at OOP 2002 -- Object Technology: From Ideas to Solutions

OOP 2002

2001 (from November)

+ 14-15 November 2001, K. U. Leuven (Belgium): Talk at symposium in honor of Prof. Maurice Verhelst; lecture for 40 years of the Computation Center. 16 November: Seminar on .NET with SAI

Lecture on
"Components, mathematics
and the future of
software engineering"

+ 12 November 2001, 16:15, ETH Department Seminar, IFW A32: Towards Component Certification

Seminar abstract

 Past ETH talks by our guests

(List not up to date -- talks after Sept. 2003 will be added.)

+ 3 September 2003: Tom de Marco on Secrets of the Agile Organization

+ 3 June 2003: Manfred Broy, TU Munich

+ 28 May 2003: Xavier Rousselot from Amadeus (Nice) on automatic test generation

+ 21 May 2003: Egon Börger from University of Pisa on ASMs (FATS seminar)

+ 19 May 2003: Axel van Laamswerde on requirements analysis (CS Colloquium).

+ 16 April 2003: Philippe Lahire from University of Nice on Aspect-Oriented Programming

+ 20 January 2003: Erich Gamma from OTI/IBM, of patterns fame, talked about Eclipse. Part of Trusted Components course but open to the public. IFW A32, 10:05-11:00 (note special starting time).

+ Colloquium of the Computer Science department: a full program of speakers, every Monday (some Wednesdays) at 16:15, usually in IFW A36. (I was the coordinator in 2002.)

Informatics Colloquium

+ 16 December 2002: two talks by Ivar Jacobson; discussion of UML, Rational Unified Process and object technology, 9:15-11, IFW A32 (part of Trusted Components course but public); Distinguished Lecture, CS Colloquium, IFW A36 16:15-17:15 followed by Apéro, The Four Macro Trends in Software Development.

+ There was a particularly rich program of software-related talks at ETH in November 2002, with prestigious speakers on many different topics.

Software in November at ETH

+ 25 November 2002: Problem Frames, by Michael Jackson (ETH Colloquium, Distinguished Lecturer Series)

+ 13 November 2002: Presentation and discussion of the Mono project (an open-source reimplementation of the Microsoft .NET framework, based on the ECMA Common Language Interface standard) by Miguel de Icaza, Ximian.

+ 11 November 2002: Three talks by Scott Meyers (C++ templates, function name resolution in C++, the Keyhole problem). Slides available

Scott Meyers's slides

+ 8 November 2002: Round-table discussion with Clemens Czyperski on component development, organized by Jürg Gutknecht

+ 6 November 2002: Seminar by Luca Cardelli on Spatial Logics for Distributed Systems

FATS seminar

+ 4 November 2002: Wolfgang Pree, Computer Science Colloquium: Towards a composition standard for real-time systems

Wolfgang Pree's abstract

+ 20 September 2002 (Friday): Two talks on Component-Based Software Engineering, by Jean-Guy Schneider (Swinburne Institute of Technology) and Bernhard Beckert (University of Karlsruhe).

Component talks program

+ 20 August 2002: Mini-symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering, 20 August 2002; talks by: Bernhard Rumpe (TU München), Joseph Kiniry (Caltech / Kind Software), Peter Müller (Deutsche Bank), Andreas Rausch (4Soft).

Mini-symposium program

+ 9 August 2002: Kokichi Futatugi, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Ishikawa, Rewriting Can Verify Distributed Real-Time Systems -- How to specify and verify in CafeOBJ.

+ 17 June 2002: Adele Golberg, Auditorium Maximum. Dr. Goldberg also gave an invited lecture, open to the public, on June 19th, 10-12, RZ-F21 on concepts and history of Smalltalk in Advanced Topics in Object Technology course.

Object Technology course

+ 5 June 2002: Tom Henzinger, UC Berkeley, What is an interface?

+ 6 June 2002, 9-12:30: Eiffel mini-symposium in connection with the first meeting of the ECMA Eiffel standards group (ECMA TC39-TG4). Talks by Dominique Colnet, Mark Howard, Paul Cohen/Kim Waldén, Christine Mingins and I.

Eiffel Mini-Symposium

+ Domenico Ferrari, CRATOS, Piacenza, 3 June 2002: Where is the Net Economy going?

+ Dines Bjørner, 22 May 2002, What is a method?. Prof. Bjørner also gave a public invited lecture in Advanced Topics in Object Technology course.

Object Technology course

+ Ralph Back, 13 May 2002, Software construction by stepwise feature introduction, 16.15 IFW A32. (Also, guest lecture open to public, A Theory of Contracts, 9:15-11, RZ F21, same day, part of Advanced Topics in Object Technology course.)

Object Technology course

+ Jean-Marc Jézéquel, 22 May 2002, 16.15 IFW A32, Test synthesis for component-based distributed software.

+ 22 April 2002: Jürg Gutknecht, 22 April, Using .NET as a Language Research Platform

+ 12 December 2001, 16:15, ETH Department Seminar, IFW A36: Seminar by Jean-Raymond Abrial on the B Method and proof tools. Also, special presentation as part of the Trusted Components course, just before the seminar, at 14:15, E42: B case study.

Details of Abrial seminar

+ 20 November 2001, 10:15, ETH IFW A32: Special seminar by Eric Gamma. (Part of "Trusted Components" course but open to the public.)

Details of Gamma seminar

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