Volkan Arslan

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Volkan Arslan
Software Engineering, Meyer
ETH Zentrum, RZ J3
8092 Zurich
Physical address
Volkan Arslan
Department of Computer Science
RZ Building, RZ J3
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 Zurich
Volkan Arslan
Phone: +41 (1) 63-24470
Fax: +41 (1) 63-21435
E-mail: Volkan.Arslan@inf.ethz.ch
This page: http://se.inf.ethz.ch/people/arslan



I am research assistant and PhD student in the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich, which is held by Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer.

Areas of research

  • Concurrent object-oriented programming, especially the SCOOP concurrency model (Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming)
  • Real-time systems and applications
  • Eiffel and .NET




  • Nienaltowski P., Arslan V., Meyer B.: Concurrent object-oriented programming on .NET, IEE Proceedings Software, Special Issue on ROTOR, October 2003.
    Paper (PDF)


    Paper (PDF)
  Slides (PPS)
  • Nienaltowski P., Arslan V., Meyer B.: SCOOP: Concurrent Programming Made Easy, in process of submission

  Paper (PDF)


    Slides (PPS)
  Poster (PPS)
    Paper (PDF)
  • Arslan V., Nienaltowski P.: SCOOPLI for .NET: a library for concurrent object-oriented programming, 2nd Microsoft Rotor Wokshop 2003, 23-25 April 2003, Pisa, Italy.
    Slides (PPS)


  • Arslan V.: Eiffel Event Library: an object-oriented library for event-driven design, developed with ISE EiffelStudio

  Event Library for EiffelStudio 5.3 (zip)

  Event Library for EiffelStudio 5.4 (zip)

Other activities

I am a member of the ECMA Technical Group (TC39-TG4) for Eiffel standardization.


Education: Software Engineer from University of Ulm, Germany.

Work experience: Software Engineer for several years in the industry, last at DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart and Ulm, Germany.