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Till Bay
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General Information

My name is Till Bay, from 2003-2008 I was research assistant at the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich. I am founder of Comerge AG and Oriact GmbH, together with Dr. Bernd Schoeller and Patrick Ruckstuhl. With the help of many others, I have created the Origo Software Development Platform and the windowzoo.com community art project.

Origo Software Development Platform

Developing software systems is a complex activity that involves numerous tasks that are critical for a successful release. Increasing size of software systems, software maintenance, versioning and distributed global development combined with ever growing expectations from users complicate development. Using a well designed software development platform one can automate and simplify considerable parts of the process. In my research I build and design the Origo Software Development Platform. By reviewing existing systems and factoring out commonalities I can propose a simple yet comprehensive software development platform that addresses the issues of the entire software development process. Project Origo »



  • T. G. Bay: Hosting distributed software projects: concepts, framework, and the Origo experience
    Thesis, ETH Zürich, Chair of Software Engineering, 2008. [PDF]
  • T. G. Bay, M. Oriol, B.Meyer: Release early and often: Developing Software with Origo
    Technical Report 581, ETH Zürich, Chair of Software Engineering, 2008. [PDF]
  • T. G. Bay, M. Pedroni, B. Meyer: By students, for students: a production-quality multimedia library, JOT Jan/Feb, 2008 [PDF]


  • T. G. Bay: Origo Overview
    Work in progress, 2007. [MOV (22Mb)]
    updated: October 2nd, 2007
  • T. G. Bay, M. Oriol, B.Meyer: Origo Roadmap
    Technical Report 544, ETH Zürich, Chair of Software Engineering, 2007. [PDF]
  • M. Pedroni and T. G. Bay: Visualize and Open Up
    International Journal for Informatics in Education, Volume 6, Issue1, 2007. [PDF] [LINK]
  • M. Pedroni, T. G. Bay, M. Oriol and A. Pedroni: Open Source Projects in Programming Courses
    SIGCSE, 2007. [PDF]


  • T. G. Bay, B. Schoeller and B. Meyer: Keynote: Open-Sourcing a Major Commercial Technology
    At the Second International Conference on Open Source Systems, 2006. [PDF] [WWW]
  • M. Pedroni and T. G. Bay: Visualize and Open Up
    Tenth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Conceptsof Object Oriented Concepts hosted by ECOOP, 2006. [PDF][BIB]
  • T. G. Bay, Patrick Eugster and Manuel Oriol: Generic Component Lookup
    Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE), 2006. [PDF][BIB]
  • M. Zimmerli: Zürich Letzi - Entwicklungsszenario - SBB Areal
    Plotter cut of railway-tracks. Architecture Diploma Thesis, ETH Zurich, 2006 [PDF]


  • T. G. Bay: State of the art analysis of Software Development Platforms
    Work in progress, 2005. [PDF][BIB]
    version from: 01. December 2005
  • M. Pedroni and T. G. Bay: Einführung in die Objekt-Orientierte Programmierung
    ETH-Leitprogramm, 2005. [PDF][BIB]
  • K. Pauls and T. G. Bay: Reuse Frequency as Metric for Dependency Resolver Selection
    Component Deployment (CD),2005.[PDF][BIB]


  • T. G. Bay and K. Pauls: Reuse Frequency as Metric for Component Assessment
    Technical Report 464, ETH Zürich, Chair of Software Engineering, 2004. [PDF] [BIB]
  • T. G. Bay : Researchplan Component Certification [PDF]

Projects and Teaching

Student projects

I offer the following student projects on Origo both as semester thesis or master thesis:

Student projects I supervise(d)


Work in progress


I am also taking part in the development of the Goanna web application library.


For a CV - send me a mail.



Leisure, art and friends:

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