Software Engineering Laboratory


News and Notification: Propagating Relevant Changes to Developers
Software Engineering Laboratory: Open Source Eiffel Studio, February 2012
Author: Christopher Dentel
Supervisor: Christian Estler and Martin Nordio


In any software development team staying up to date on the current changes that are occurring in the project is mandatory. There exist many forms today through which that is accomplished: standup meetings, mailing lists, configuration management logs, and many more. However, a lot of information is proliferated naturally as a result of developers working on projects usually being co-located. However when these developers move into a distributed environment, this natural information proliferation cannot occur, and much more attention must be placed on keeping each other up to date on the changes that are occurring. In this report, a notification system that delivers notifications in real-time as well as notifications that were sent while offline was designed and implemented. The system is well designed, highly extendible, server push driven and tailor-maid especially for the Integrated Development Environment and toolset Cloudstudio. Additionally, two widgets were also created for displaying the notifications in the system.