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Chair of Software Engineering


The Chair of Software Engineering is devoted to the development of methods and tools for improving software quality. Our areas of emphasis are:

As part of our activities we organize events such as the annual Laser Summer School.


February 16, 2015
The second edition of our edX MOOC is starting soon!

December 18, 2014
Julian Tschannen, Yu Pei, and Christian Estler successfully defended their PhD theses. Congratulations!

December 5, 2014
The website for the LASER Summer School 2015 is now online. The topic for the 12th edition of this summer school is Concurrency: the next frontiers.

September 24, 2014
The paper A Comparative Study of Programming Languages in Rosetta Code by Sebastian Nanz and Carlo A. Furia is discussed on Slashdot and elsewhere.

August 21, 2014
Our paper Awareness and Merge Conflicts in Distributed Software Development won the Best Paper Award at the 9th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE'14).

August 5, 2014
Prof. Bertrand Meyer has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of York, UK, in recognition of his contributions to software engineering.

July 14, 2014

Our group's research on automatic language translation gave rise to an ETH Spinoff company mtSystems. The company offers fully automatic, complete, and correct translation of C source code to Java source code, at a low cost and with low risk!

July 9, 2014
Scott West successfully defended his PhD thesis Correctness and Execution of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs. Congratulations!

June 18-19, 2014
The Roboscoop team demonstrated their progress at the SmartWorld Workshop 2014 in Thun, Switzerland. Check out the video of the SmartWalker gesture control.

April 29, 2014
Nadia Polikarpova successfully defended her PhD thesis Specified and Verified Reusable Components. Congratulations!

March 6-7, 2014
The first scientific advisory board meeting of our ERC Advanced Grant Concurrency Made Easy was held at ETH Zurich. The photo shows board members Manfred Broy, Maurice Herlihy, José Meseguer, Jayadev Misra, Dave Parnas, and Bill Roscoe with the CME team.

March 5, 2014
Benjamin Morandi successfully defended his PhD thesis Prototyping a concurrency model. Congratulations!

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Recently accepted publications

Title Authors Conference or Journal Accepted
The AutoProof Verifier: Usability by Non-Experts and on Standard Code Furia, Poskitt, Tschannen F-IDE 2015 May 12, 2015
Automatic Speed Control for SmartWalker Shin, Steinmann, Meyer PETRA 2015 Apr 27, 2015
Inferring Loop Invariants by Mutation, Dynamic Analysis, and Static Checking Galeotti, Furia, May, Fraser, Zeller IEEE TSE April 26, 2015
A Fully Verified Container Library Polikarpova, Tschannen, Furia FM 2015 Mar 23, 2015
SmartWalker: Towards an Intelligent Robotic Walker for the Elderly Shin, Itten, Rusakov, Meyer IE 2015 Mar 16, 2015
Towards Practical Graph-Based Verification for an Object-Oriented Concurrency Model Heu├čner, Poskitt, Corrodi, Morandi, GaM at ETAPS 2015 Feb 13, 2015
Stochastic Contracts for Runtime Checking of Component-based Real-time Systems Nandi, Monot, Oriol CBSE 2015 Feb 9, 2015
Automated Program Repair in an Integrated Development Environment Pei, Furia, Nordio, Meyer ICSE 2015 Jan 21, 2015
Concurrent Software Engineering and Robotics Education Shin, Rusakov, Meyer JSEET 2015 Jan 21, 2015
A Comparative Study of Programming Languages in Rosetta Code Nanz, Furia ICSE 2015 Dec 19, 2014
AutoProof: Auto-active Functional Verification of Object-oriented Programs Tschannen, Furia, Nordio, Polikarpova TACAS 2015 Dec 19, 2014
DynaMate: Dynamically Inferring Loop Invariants for Automatic Full Functional Verification Galeotti, Furia, May, Fraser, Zeller HVC 2014 September 14, 2014


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