Software Engineering Laboratory


Refinements and Git Integration with Notifications and Monitoring
Software Engineering Laboratory: Open Source Eiffel Studio, November 2012
Author: Christopher Dentel
Supervisor: Christian Estler and Martin Nordio


In this report, refinements to improve the work developed in the previous two reports (Monitors: Keeping Informed on Code Changes and News and Notification: Propagating Relevant Changes to Developers) were developed and presented. These refinements included usability, efficiency, and new feature requests. Notifications were implemented into another student's project, showcasing the usability of the developed system. The monitor system developed was updated to support a new version of configuration management. Blame was added to the monitor diff view, allowing developers to see who last committed each line of code, and several other enhancements were made to make the monitor system more customizable. GUI enhancements were made to allow users to customize their workspace, and the system was made more flexible by allowing users to change their monitoring preferences after creation. The monitoring system also now will preferentially display violated monitors upon initialization.