Bachelor Thesis


Diff library in Eiffel (Diffeif)
Bachelor Thesis, September 2012 — January 2013
Author: Rafael Wampfler
Supervisor: Max Pei

Project documentation


The Diffeif library is a library which provides functionality for computing the difference of two code or text chunks and visualize it in a GUI. The library is implemented in and for Eiffel.
Finding the difference of two code or text pieces is a common problem. There exists a bunch of algorithms for computing such a difference. The most widely used algorithms are line-based, which can easily be adapted to word- or character-based. Another class of algorithms can be applied to trees created from the corresponding input, so called tree-based algorithms.
This documentation gives an overview of some existing line-based and tree-based algorithms, explains the implemented algorithms in detail accompanying with a performance analysis and provides a short overview of the implementation and the usage of the library.