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Last updated: 14 December 2018.

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[1] With Claude Baudoin: Méthodes de Programmation (Programming Methodology), Eyrolles, Paris, 1978; third revised edition, 661 pages, 1984. Translation: Russian (Mir Publishing)

    We wrote this book fresh out of school and managed to convince the publisher to include everything (other publishers wanted us to trim it down to 250 pages). It is a compendium of programming methodology, programming techniques, fundamental algorithms and data structures. It emphasizes program correctness, through assertion techniques, and software architecture. The chapter on programming methodology contains the first ever published description of the Z specification language anywhere (as far as I know), in a very early form. The book was extremely successful in France, both as a textbook and for engineers in industry; incredibly, it still seems to be in print.

    The Russian translation was also widely circulated and I still meet people from Russia who tell me this is where they learned programming. There never was an English translation: I accepted Prentice Hall's and Tony Hoare's suggestion that I do the translation myself — a huge mistake, as I started rewriting the book instead of translating it, and never finished, although that effort, titled Applied Programming Methodology, fed later work. In particular the object-oriented pseudocode that I used throughout, an extension of the notation in Méthodes de Programmation, led directly to Eiffel.

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